Black Flow

Your cloud micro services platform and API constructor in web-interface without coding. BlackFlow allows to configurate any task solving from logistics to external threats prevention.
By the operation of BlackFlow, it's possible to greatly shorten the time for development new types and algorithms of business processes and API methods. Use our BPMN editor and catalogues to develop your own business strategy of interaction with customers, data processing and math models implementation.
BlackFlow helps you to deal with huge variance of challenges:

to develop online credit scoring and antifraud strategies (from client assessment on the stage of registration to pre-accept credit strategies);

to classify customers base and to form priority system to maximize CLV, including recomendation system for choosing optimal communication channel (via email, call etc.) and optimal moment of communication (date-time);

to develop strategy to increase customers retention,

to create personalized offers for each user, to increase brand

loyalty and to promote sales;

to analyze media environment of key persons and key companies and to develop the reaction on its change.

Sequence of typically integration with
Black Flow
Task is performed once with support of Data Lab developers and methodologists
Integration with existing IT-landscape
Task is performed by customer with support of Data Lab methodologists
Workflow development via web-interface of BlackFlow
Task is performed once by Data Lab developers and methodologists
Initial system configuration
Testing exploitation
Task is performed by customer
Commercial exploitation,
Scaling of test strategies
Monthly subscription fee
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