To mitigate financial and operational risks by  continuous KPI monitoring;
To improve business resilience by well-timed response to potential threats
To raise margin by reduction of costs and efforts
refocusing to maximum profit patterns;
To compress development cycles for data
processing and analysis at least in 3 times;
To create robotic center of data science for round-the-clock data processing.


Modern approach to convert raw data into revenue                 
Data Vision allows to achieve unique results
DataVision is the unique technology for processing of huge amount of Big Data and for knowledge extraction from raw data on the go. It includes tools for data extraction, transformation and loading, models development and visualisation of the results. For simplicity of model implementation DataVision returns Python scripts and models in pickle files. Make analytics faster and improve business results by data insights implementation with DataVision.
DataVision  automates real-time data analysis, detects changes in main characteristics of the data flow and explains their correlation with KPI of the company. System informs necessary persons via e-mail, sms, IVR and chat-bots in cases of emergency. Sensitivity level for
emergency detector is defined by administrator of DataVision. 

DataVision allows to make decisions based on data-driven approach even without any data science office.
Sequence of the production autoanalytics system
 Data Vision
acceptance on technical plan
and testing strategy
Price: from $10,000
Software integration
Fixed under the contract.
А/B testing.
Launch of pilot version on reduced functionality mode
Extra cost 20%
of cash flow growth
Commercial exploitation,
Scaling of test strategy
Monthly subscription fee
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