The new-age fraud detection and prevention system based on non-historical approach of modeling. Strong protection from cyberfraud for financials and ecom.
We collect data about consumers' behaviour via js-pixel, merge them by open-source information and transform into significant features for analyzing probability of fraud activity. Fraudless allows to reduce fraud rate up to 80% and to find hidden relations between consumers. 
Fraudless returns features of:

Anonimizing and non typical devices usage. Indicators of software and algorithms usage enabling to de-personalize consumer's device;

Emulation of devices.  Indicators of software and algorithms usage enabling to run virtual machines and emulate desktop or mobile devices;

Hidden relations between consumers. It allows to detect fraud and social default in real-time mode;

Compromized data usage;

Cyberfraud activities which are constantly changing

FraudLess allows to:

Reduce risks for banks and microfinancials;

Reduce operation costs;

Reduce fraud default rate;

Increase efficiency of collecting debts;

Reduce negative reviews;

Increase financial results stability;

Increase learning rates of scoring models.

Управление кредитными, операционными и лицензионными рисками за счет определения:

наличия паттернов кибермошенничества;

потока подозрительных транзакций, в т.ч. по 115 ФЗ;

наличия паттернов внутреннего мошенничества (вовлеченность сотрудников финансовых компаний в мошеннические схемы)



According to your requirements we can develop dashboards of non-typical points of conversion reduction. 

С одной стороны система позволяет определять и блокировать потоки аномальных (с позиции ПОД/ФТ) транзакций и тем самым сокращает лицензионные риски и операционные затраты, а с другой - позволяет очистить клиентский поток от киберфрода в режиме онлайн.

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