Smart Data

Transform reality of BIG Data into reality of SMART Data! 

We offer you unique solution to integrate ready to go service for smart data collecting, processing and implementation into business processes

You're collecting big data but you don't understand
relations between raw data and business KPI, so
you can't find the way to apply these arrays of data 
You want to implement big data approach but
you haven't the sufficient level of expertise in
big data analytics 
Or you just want to go digital
Data Lab knows how to solve your problems. Our solutions allows to implement enabling infrastructures
and to extract knowledges from big data arrays. 


Online analytical bot for extracting insights on correlations between data and business KPI and for developing ML and AI models


Online platform and API constructor for implementation of data driven approach and algorithms based on math models into business processes


Online reporting web service 

We're ready to integrate and customize our base solution for your tasks in short terms
Implementation cycle
(acceptance of technical plans and specifications)
1 month+
Integration and customization
1 month+
Trial operations
(methodological and technical support of implementation into business processes,
training and certification of users)
1 month+
Commercial exploitation
Smart data is unique technology for continuous online data analysis. You only should define set of features and set of KPIs for starting of the modeling or correlations detecting. You can solve unlimited amount of business tasks in fully automated mode and without data science department increasing. Our system defines mimimum necessary change to transform situation into desired state. 
Make data analysis faster and more qualitative.
Welcome to the reality of new opportunities. Welcome to the reality of Smart Data!
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